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Shizuoka Marathon Event agreement

  1. The registered information (such as type of the event) cannot be modified or cancelled for any personal reasons after the registration. And if excessive payment or redundant payment happened, the registration fee will not be refunded.
  2. In case of cancellation of the event due to reasons unrelated to the runner (such as earthquake, storm/flood, snow, incident, disease, or any other reasons), the registration fee will not be refunded.
  3. If the organizer decides that it is difficult to continue the competition, please always follow the instructions such as the cancellation of the competition, etc. In addition, please follow safety management and other instructions from the organizer on safety management and event operation.
  4. Being late for the event on the day due to delays of public transportation or traffic conditions is not accepted.
  5. Upon participating in the event, always care for your usual health and carry out adequate training, take a medical examination beforehand and confirm that you are free from any health problems such as heart problem, consider your physical condition on the event day, and participate at your own risk. The organizer will only perform emergency measures for injuries during the competition. The organizer is not responsible for the method and progress of first aid measures.
  6. The organizers will not compensate for any accident, loss, illness happened during the race.
  7. The compensation for any accident or injury will be executed within the scope of the marathon insurance (agreement fulfillment cost insurance)
  8. For under-aged participants the approval from guardians is required to register for the race. Also, the approval of all group members is required for group registration.
  9. Lying about your age or gender, or making others run instead of yourself is not allowed. As soon as the lie is revealed, the runner will face instant disqualification with cancelation of all awards and banned from participation in next events. Also, no aid and no refund will be provided.
  10. The participants’ personal information (name, age, gender, records etc.), photos, videos, reports will be likely published or shown in newspapers, magazines , Internet, TV or other publishing with the purpose of advertizing the event. The organizers have rights of use all of the above. Also, participants’full name, number, affiliation information will be published on the website.
  11. The handling of personal information concerning applicants for the event is regulated by the guidelines separately stipulated by the organizer.
  12. During the race, runners may be stopped to let emergency vehicles go. In this case, the time will not be adjusted.
  13. As a rule, runners should run on their own. However, any disabled runner who finds it difficult to run alone may have an escort runner (only one person for free) depending on the degree of handicap. If that is the case, please be sure to make your request at the time of registration for entry. No requests will be accepted after that. The ID cards for escort runners will be issued following the designated procedures.
    *The categories where guide runners are allowed are Marathon and Fun Run only.
    *Participants accompanied by escort runners without the ID cards issued by the organizer will be disqualified from the race.
  14. For the safety, the wheelchair applicants are not allowed to participate in the event.
  15. The race is conducted abiding the laws of the country.
  16. For all matters not listed above, follow the instructions given by the organizer of the event.

Prohibited Maters

In addition to actions that are against the rules of the competition and the rules of the event in general, Shizuoka Marathon 2019 prohibits the following actions for safety and the prevention of accidents. In addition, if the organizer decides that a participant performs any of the following actions, the organizer may expel the participant from the competition, or even stop the participant from an ongoing race. Furthermore, a completion certificate will not be issued for a participant who finished the competition without following these warnings.

Prohibited matters related to clothing

  1. Possession of clothing or carry-on items that may hurt other people (running while wearing or bringing clothing with protrusions, stick-like items, or flag poles)
  2. Clothing materials that may fall or touch other people (wearing character costumes, cloaks, skirts, running with multiple runners being tied together with a string, etc.)
  3. Shoes that may hurt other people or damage the road, such as clogs or shoes with spikes.  
  4. Clothing that covers the entire face or having a full-face painting
  5. Clothing with advertisements and/or religious/political statement
  6. Causing spectators and other runners to feel uncomfortable, or wearing clothes that are against public order and moral

Other prohibited matters

  1. Transfer of participation rights
  2. Using any instrument that produces loud sound or intense light, which will cause inconvenience to the surrounding people
  3. Changing clothes in places other than those prescribed by the organizer
  4. Disposal of clothes, garbage or baggage on the course or around the race area
  5. Running while pushing a stroller, a cart, etc.
  6. Urinate or defecate at any place other than a toilet
  7. Other actions that the organizer may judge to be unsuitable for the event

Receiving the number tag and other items

The required set items such as number tag, runner chip, bag for baggage checking, etc., can be obtained at the place to exchange participation prize (Shizuoka City Hall Governmental Building 1F) on the day before the event. Please bring the exchange ticket and passport that you have downloaded beforehand to verify your identity.

We will send an email describing the details to the email address that you registered at the time of entry, about one month before the event. Please follow the guidelines on how to download the “Participation Information” and exchange from My Page section of the registration website “JTB Sports Station”.

*Surrogate running is strictly prohibited under any circumstances.


Baggage checking

The organizer will bring the checked baggage belonging to marathon runners from the start line to the finish line. Only the things that can fit into the baggage bag and have been sent in advance will be accepted. Baggage arrival may be delayed due to road conditions. In addition, the checked baggage may become wet during rainy weather. Valuable items are not allowed to be checked in, and need to be managed by the runner him/herself. In addition, the organizer will not be held responsible if valuable items that are put in a checked baggage are lost.

*Baggage checking time at the start line: 6:30 - 7:45 (planned)


We will implement a convenient internet record reporting service (runner's update) for confirming a runner’s own record. Unfinished runners can also confirm their record during the race.

*Only available for runners who run more than 5 km.

About escort runners

This competition is basically based on one’s self-efforts, however depending on the degree of disability, a disabled participant may be accompanied by an escort runner (1 person, free entry fee) under unavoidable circumstances. However, please apply at the time of entry application. The organizer will not allow any escort runners after the application. Please note that an escort tag will be issued after completing the designated procedures at the time of entry application.

*Escort runners are only eligible to join the marathon and fun run events.
*Participant with an escort runner that wears an escort tag other than the one issued by the organizer will also be disqualified.

Wheelchair participation

For safety reasons, it is not allowed to participate on a wheel chair.

About the handling of personal information

The organizer understands the importance of personal information, observes the laws and related regulations on the protection of personal information, and handles the personal information based on the organizer’s policy on the protection of personal information.

The organizers fully recognize the importance of personal information, comply with General Data Protection Regulation(GDPR), the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and related laws of Japan, and handle such information in accordance with the organizers’ policy to protect personal information.

About the use of personal information

The organizer will use the personal information with relevant organizations for the purpose of improving service for participants in the event, notice of participation, notice of record, notice of related information, information on the next event, event sponsorship, cooperation, provision of services from related organizations, record announcement (ranking, etc.), first aid and medication. Also, the organizer will publish the participant's number, name, and affiliation on its website.

Provision to third parties

The personal information may be provided to a third party in the following events: when it is necessary to provide the information to related business operators and contractors within the range related to the management of this event, when an insurance company asks to provide the personal information for insurance application, when a clinical information is required for academic purposes, when it is necessary to post the information for broadcasting on television, newspapers, magazines, internet, etc.

*The organizer or the Shizuoka Marathon Executive Committee Secretariat may contact the participant to confirm the details of the application.


Other than the above, please follow the instructions from the organizer on event-related matters.